As allergy season approaches, those who struggle with seasonal allergies are likely preparing for months of sniffles, watery eyes, or congestion. Thankfully there are ways to naturally reduce the severity of your symptoms without sacrificing your time outdoors.

  1. Detox
    • Allergies can be significantly worsened by the presence of toxins in the body. Cleansing to remove things like chemical remnants and heavy metals can reduce the severity of your symptoms. Additionally, cutting down the amount of alcohol, processed/fried foods and processed sugar you are consuming can decrease flare-ups. Using a program like Eniva’s Detox is a great way to cleanse and detox without fasting or restrictive practices.
  2. Increase your probiotics
    • Recent evidence has shown that probiotics can also reduce the severity of the symptoms of mild or occasional hay fever. Increasing the number of natural bacteria in your digestive system by eating fermented foods like kombucha, yogurt, kefir, or sourkraut is a great way to do this. Additionally, taking a daily probiotic is a great way to support your immune and body functions to reduce your symptoms if you experience allergies. 
  3. Keep Your Indoor Air Clean
    • When dealing with the symptoms of allergies it is important to make sure that you control the air quality of the areas you can, which is likely your home. Some ways to ensure your indoor air stays clean include vacuuming regularly to prevent dust build-up, using a dehumidifier, and maintaining the filters in air conditioning/heating systems. 
  4. Take a Lung & Sinus supplement
    • Eniva’s Lung & Sinus Health is a science-based, doctor-formulated supplement that combines specialized ingredients to support the health of your lungs, sinuses, and respiratory system. Benefits include cellular detox, improved circulation & oxygenation, improved cellular integrity, and decreased lung & sinus stress.
  5. Stay Hydrated
    • By drinking more water or juice you can keep your nasal passages clear. Additionally, drinking hot liquids like tea or broth can help steam your nasal passages further reducing any build-up of mucus or fluids.

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