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Are Cholesterol-lowering Drugs Hurting Your Heart?

Cholesterol – Statin Use – Side Effects: If an individual has had a heart attack and is on a statin drug for lowering cholesterol, they are also lowering their body’s level of CoQ10, particularly in the heart. This is extremely of concern since, after a heart attack or cardiovascular challenge, heart tissue can become what is called “stunned”—meaning it is not currently working, but has the potential to come “back to life.” In order for this to happen, the heart cells of the body need an adequate supply of energy for repair and growth. Since CoQ10 is critical to energy production, low levels will impair the heart cell’s ability to repair damage. Without a doubt, statin drugs decrease CoQ10 levels in the body. Although they have the beneficial effect of lowering cholesterol, they may also unknowingly be creating another cardiovascular risk factor—low CoQ10 levels in the heart and impaired energy production.

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