Try These Easy At Home Smoothies to Energize Your Day!

Nothing is better than a refreshing smoothie on a hot summer day. The fruity taste found in many Eniva products makes them perfect for adding to your favorite drink without the graininess that comes from other powders. We share recipes in this blog that your entire family can enjoy anytime.

Whether it is an energizing start to your morning or a pick-me-up midday, these no mess smoothies will help you feel full and fill the nutrition gaps necessary to repair muscles, stay alert and keep your immune system strong.* Making smoothies at home enables you to control how much sugar is going into your body. Artificial sweeteners are often added to store bought smoothies to enhance flavor, but you have the power to make delicious creations you can truly feel good about after. – Have some fun with tickling your taste buds! 

Classic Strawberry Smoothie



Place all ingredients in a blender and blend thoroughly. Makes 3 servings. Keep refrigerated.

Tropical Smoothie



Place all the ingredients in a blender, add ice until desired consistency is reached and blend thoroughly. Keep refrigerated.

Sore Muscle Slushy



Place all the ingredients in a blender. You may need to add more water or ice depending on your blender. Makes 2 – 8 oz servings.


Eniva VIBE Collagen

• 5 grams Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides and 50 mg Hyaluronic Acid per serving

• 70+ fruits, veggies, superfoods, vitamins, minerals, aminos, antioxidants

• Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, No Artificial Sweeteners, Colors or Flavors

• Energy, Skin, Hair & Nails, Joints Suport*

• Hormonal Balance and DNA Cellular Support* 

• Strengthen Immunity*

• Defense Blend for Brain and Body*

• Heart Health Support*

Eniva Muscle Aid

• Great tasting, vegan, non-GMO, with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners

• Supports optimal levels of energy production within cells*

• Assists muscle wellness and endurance*

• Allows for muscle comfort during and after a workout*

These smoothies can be slightly modified depending on your blender or preference. Allow yourself to swap a fruit or liquid every now and then to keep the taste fresh and new.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Any research referred to in this article is not meant to be interpreted as research results involving specific Eniva products.

At Eniva, we believe each human body was designed to be healthy. It was designed to be energetic, lean, agile, and resilient towards healing. You were created to live an abundant, healthy and vibrant life. Eniva is proud to create and manufacture pure liquid nutraceuticals with no artificial preservatives. Our liquid supplements are natural solutions to help you feel and look your best.