Staying Healthy while you travel with Eniva3 Tips to Stay Healthy Away From Home

It almost never fails, you go on a trip and come home with a cold or feeling not quite yourself. Or, even worse, you get sick while you’re away from home! But – there are some things you can do to stay healthy while traveling.

Healthy Travel Tips: Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated while you travel – especially if you’re flying – is crucial to starting your trip on the right foot. The air inside planes is less than 20% humidity which can really dry you out. Staying hydrated can prevent your nasal passages from getting irritated and make you less susceptible to germs.

Healthy Travel Tips: Keep Your Hands Clean

Washing your hands frequently is one of the best ways to stay healthy while you travel. You’re touching a lot of door handles, tables and handrails when you’re at a hotel, tourist spot or restaurant and washing your hands is a great way to eliminate passing along germs. Hand sanitizer is good to keep in your bag for those times when you can’t get to soap and water. Antibacterial wipes are also a good option if you need to wipe down the hotel remote control or phone (they’re some of the items likely to pick up bacteria and viruses).

Healthy Travel Tips: Watch What You Eat and Drink

Getting sick while you’re on vacation or a business trip is no fun. And, you can really feel not-so-great while traveling if you’re not eating as well as you do at home. Try to avoid the drive-thru if you can. Instead, pack healthy snacks full of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats if you’re taking a road trip. Wraps, cheese sticks, nuts and whole fruit can be simple to eat if you’re on the road. When you’re eating out at a restaurant, get things grilled or broiled instead of fried and substitute vegetables and fruit instead of fries or chips.

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