How to avoid summer coldsBest Ways to Avoid a Summer Cold

When you think of colds you probably think of cold and flu season during the winter. In fact, summer colds are pretty common. The experts estimate about half of colds come from rhinoviruses and those viruses are most active in the spring and summer. But, you can protect yourself from summer colds and feel better during the summer months.  Here’s how.

Avoiding Colds: Eat Your Colors

First, eat your colors! Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants your body craves to be healthy. Foods like blueberries, raspberries, red bell peppers, spinach and tomatoes are superfoods for summer and can help you have a strong and healthy immune system.  Taking a multivitamin or supplement is also a good way to get the antioxidants you need.

Eniva’s VIBE is a great way to give your body added nutritional support in the face of summer colds.* It’s the perfect way to get the antioxidants your body needs to be its best.* Feel like you’re just starting to get sick? VIBE provides 29 broad-spectrum phytonutrients for antioxidant support. That’s 9500 mg of phytonutrients! Centrum Silver contains 0mg, NatureMade Multi contains 0mg, GNC Mega Man only contains 105mg and another well-known doctor’s multi-supplement has less than 200mg. VIBE truly has the nutritional power to help your bodily systems stay healthy and keep you feeling great.* And, as a liquid supplement, VIBE is formulated for your body to absorb it quickly and safely.* Tablets and powders might at first appear to be cheaper, but it takes up to an hour for those forms to be absorbed in the body (VIBE takes 60 seconds) and research show many times they do not get absorbed at all.*

Avoiding Colds: Get Enough Rest

Many people are more active in the summer – especially if you live in a part of the country where you might be cooped up in the winter months. Extra activity, along with traveling for summer vacations can take a toll on your body. Not getting enough rest can hurt your immune system, making your body more vulnerable if a virus strikes.

Avoiding Colds: Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is a big part of keeping your body in fighting condition if you’re exposed to a virus. Drink plenty of water if you’re active outdoors in the summer, spending a lot of time in air conditioning, or traveling on airplanes. Anything that can dry you out (specifically the mucus lining in your nose) can make you vulnerable to infections.

Eniva makes a wonderful hydrating beverage that can help you get the liquids – and some added electrolytes – you need during the summer. It’s called Vibrant Electrolyte Charged Hydration and is ideal for anyone looking for the perfect mix between ultrapure water and a mineral supplement.

Here’s another hydration tip: Simply put one ounce of VIBE plus one ounce UltraShot in a gallon of water, and you have a refreshingly tasty and healthy summer beverage for you and the entire family.

Eniva’s Zinc and Vitamin C formulas also provide concentrated nutritional support for those people battling a cold.*

How do you stay healthy in the summer? What do you do when you feel a cold coming on?

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