Tips to Have More Energy

Are you hitting snooze every morning? Dragging yourself out of bed or struggling to stay awake on the couch? Do you reach for another cup of coffee after lunch? Life is too short to go through it feeling exhausted all the time! It’s time to have more energy and feel better. The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to have more energy.

Have More Energy: Drink Enough Water

Even being a little dehydrated can make you feel wiped out. Dehydration can also make you feel slow at work and affect concentration. Drinking at least 64 ounces of water each day (that’s 8 8 oz. glasses) is the best – try it and see how you feel. If you’re physically active you’ll want to drink even more.

Have More Energy – Turn Your Gadgets Off

Checking your phone or iPad before bed can make your brain too active to fall asleep easily. A recent survey found all of our gadgets are costing us sleep. It found that being exposed to artificial light (from television screens, phones, tablets, etc.) suppresses the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin. That artificial light can also shift your circadian rhythms, making it harder to fall asleep. Some people in the study also reported being woken up by phone calls, emails and texts at least once a week.

Have More Energy – Check Your Medications

A loss of energy or trouble sleeping may be the result of the medication you’re taking. Many drugs have energy-sapping side effects. If you start a new medication and feel much more tired than usual, check with your doctor.

Have More Energy – Get an Energy Boost

If you need a boost of energy – you might reach for the coffee or an energy drink. But be careful what you’re about to eat or drink. You don’t want something high in sugar, because you’ll just crash later and probably feel worse. Many energy drinks are full of high-dose caffeine and lots of sugar, giving you the jitters and making you irritable.

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Still need more energy? This is a great list of nine energy boosters that are also all-natural – everything from getting up and moving around to taking some really deep breaths.

How do you make sure you have enough energy to get through the day?


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At Eniva, we believe each human body was designed to be healthy. It was designed to be energetic, lean, agile, and resilient towards healing. You were created to live an abundant, healthy and vibrant life. Eniva is proud to create and manufacture pure liquid nutraceuticals with no artificial preservatives. Our liquid supplements are natural solutions to help you feel and look your best.