We all know how uncomfortable it feels when our bowels are occasionally irritated. Unhappy bowels are a part of many health challenges and can also result from increased stress, poor sleep and a bad diet. Our gut also plays a key role in our immune system—another reason to keep it healthy.  A little-known nutrient called “L-Glutamine” may help.*

L-Glutamine & Its Connection to Your Gut

L-Glutamine is actually a favorite of gastrointestinal (GI) specialists and nutritionists because it directly acts to nourish your intestinal lining. It helps rebuild the lining’s natural healthy state, especially in health challenges, when the gut is irritated. Intestinal irritation may result in bloating, stomachaches, irregular stooling, poor nutrient absorption, excessive gas, or bacterial imbalance. It can even impact the body’s immune function.

How L-Glutamine Works

L-Glutamine directly nourishes the gut from the “outside in” and serves as an intestinal “restoring and calming” nutrient.  It supports tightness of the junctions between the cells in the intestinal lining and helps to reinforce the border that absorbs nutrients.*

Supporting the natural intestinal surface also helps promote a healthy “good” bacteria balance.  In short, it helps the surface of the intestines be healthy.*

How Can I Find L-Glutamine?

While L-Glutamine is made by the body and can be found in some foods, it needs to be broken down from the protein we ingest.  Because of this and the amounts needed for beneficial impact, a pure, free-form and high-quality L-Glutamine powder supplement is generally recommended.

  • Try starting with 2.5 grams twice daily for 1 week and then move to 5 grams twice daily (AM and PM).
  • After the first 60-day cycle, evaluate the results. Some people continue on with a maintenance dose or continue to use for other health reasons.

Other Uses of L-Glutamine

Beside supporting healthy intestines, L-Glutamine can help support muscle strength and comfort, body recovery after vigorous activity, a healthy weight, energy and immune health.*

Safety First:  L-Glutamine is naturally found in your body and is very safe at recommended dosages.  As always, please discuss use of any nutritional supplement with your primary doctor.

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