The body was designed to be active, and movement has exponential benefits for your wellbeing. Studies show movement is correlated with living longer, while other benefits of malic acid include:

  • Improve your mood and mental outlook  
  • Promote brain health
  • Help maintain muscle tone and strength  
  • Reduce the use of pain meds
  • Promote a healthy weight and support healthier blood sugar levels
  • Support heart function and circulation  

Often, a challenge with being active are sore muscles. Unfortunately, some people even struggle with this chronically. Malate, a nutritive substance found in apples as malic acid, is a healthy and natural way to help support the comfort and recovery of muscle soreness—as well as support energy production.* Unlike citric acid, which is also found in apples, malic acid is naturally produced by our bodies every day.

What is Malic Acid?

Malic acid is a precursor to malate—a nutrient your body needs for energy production in the muscles of your body. When your body doesn’t have enough malate, it switches from the normal “efficient” way of making energy to a “non-efficient” method (called anaerobic metabolism).

This inefficient anaerobic energy production also results in by-products that make your muscles ache and hurt. In relation, some individuals who struggle with Fibromyalgia (chronically sore and painful muscles) may have challenges with low malate levels and increased rates of anaerobic metabolism.

Where to Buy Malic Acid

You can get sufficient malic acid by significantly increasing specific fruits in your diet or by adding a specialized malic acid supplement that can help support efficient energy production in muscles.* By boosting your malic acid intake, you’ll also help muscles stay more comfortable both during and when recovering from workouts.* Lastly, malic acid may be helpful for people struggling with chronic muscle soreness.* 

The Eniva Muscle Aid Supplement contains a generous dose of malic acid, promoting effective muscle metabolism and nourishment.* Consider adding this supplement to your workout routine for faster recovery and supporting the health of muscle tissue.*

Get your muscles moving again with eniva muscle aid, featuring energy-producing malic acid!

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