We, at Eniva Health, want to share some information on a nutrient that plays an important role in supporting normal circulation, cardiovascular health, overall energy, and sexual well-being (for both men and women!). This nutrient is the amino acid L-arginine.

Why is L-arginine Important in These Body Functions?

The answer to this question is because of its special role in the production of a powerful substance in your body called nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to widen. When this happens, more blood is able to flow through the blood vessel, supporting healthy circulation and blood flow. This enables more blood and nutrients to be passed along, which is important for supporting heart function, general circulation throughout our body (including our legs), and physical performance when being active and during sexual activity.

In fact, both men and women need proper blood flow for normal sexual responses to occur. L-arginine has been called “the natural Viagra” because of its role in supporting nitric oxide production in the body. L-arginine is one of the critical STARTING materials needed by the body for the production of nitric oxide. Without L-arginine, the body has a difficult time making this circulation supporting nitric oxide.

And as you already know, circulation is critical in many body processes.

When vessels get clogged or circulation impaired, it can lead to a whole host of health challenges. Because of this, health professionals and wellness enthusiasts have explored the use of L-arginine to support the following:
• Normal and healthy blood flow
• Healthy blood pressure
• Overall circulation
• Sexual response

Key Benefits of L-Arginine:

Cardiovascular Health
• L-Arginine supports healthy relaxation of blood vessels needed for proper blood pressure and circulation*

Energy & Focus
• Healthy blood flow means oxygen-rich blood is able to be delivered to your brain, and the cells of your body- where energy is made!*

Activity, Legs, and Muscles
• L-arginine supports blood flow, therefore, helping bring oxygen and nutrients to body parts, joints, and muscles.* This may help with leg and muscle comfort during activity, joint health, and overall stamina during activity.*

Sexual Health
• L-Arginine has been called “the natural Viagra” for both men and women, due to its support of nitric oxide production and healthy blood flow.

One thing often overlooked, but many people note, is their energy level when trying L-arginine. Healthy blood flow supports healthy energy and stamina because cells need oxygen and nutrients for energy production. Interestingly, L-arginine also plays a role in the production of human growth hormone.

Supplementation with L-arginine and supporting nutrients may help promote healthy circulation and healthy nitric oxide levels in the body*. Unfortunately, studies have shown that as we age, and with blood vessel-related health challenges, our efficiency at the production of nitric oxide can dramatically decrease.

To address this and to support circulatory health, We created a specialized formula called Vascular Advantage to provide a science-based approach to L-arginine supplementation.

About Vascular Advantage

Bottle of Vascular Advantage

Containing a generous amount of L-arginine, this formula also supports nutrients for those wanting to focus on healthy blood flow and circulation. Because L-arginine is a natural amino acid normally found in the body, it is generally considered very safe.

Safety Consideration for L-Arginine

L-arginine is a natural amino acid normally found in the body. However, in higher supplemental doses, it may interact with medications, such as Viagra or blood pressure medications and possibly cause blood pressure to drop too low. As well, if you have a history of genital herpes or cold sores, it may trigger an outbreak. If you have this history, please check with your doctor before use.

L-Arginine is also found in many foods, such as:

• Meats
• Beans
• Dairy

And the levels needed to make a difference can be higher than that easily found in the diet. If someone is seeking to use L-arginine in their health, we recommend using a daily formula with approximately 5 grams L-arginine per serving. This amount can then be adjusted based on preference, need, and personal physician input.

We also recommend the presence of the amino acid L-citrulline because of its support role in nitric oxide metabolism. We usually recommend a 45-day trial and then assessing results with your personal doctor.

Remember, circulation is critical for almost all the processes in our body. L-arginine, L-citrulline, and other nutrients may be a natural way to support the normal nitric oxide pathway in your body.

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