What is Nitric Oxide?

Atom_HR_17728704What is nitric oxide? Laughing gas you get at the dentist office? Rocket fuel for an engine? In fact, nitric oxide is one of the most critical molecules used in our body’s cellular activities. Primarily responsible for how our cells communicate with one another by transmitting signals throughout the body, nitric oxide supports and protects different areas of our body in many ways. Over the last two decades, over 60,000 scientific studies have been performed, including the discovery of nitric oxide’s signaling function, which received the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998.


Nitric oxide has proven to help memory and behavior, support the immune system’s fight against bacteria and tumors, assist with blood pressure regulation, inflammation reduction, sleep quality, endurance and strength, gastric motility, and both men and women’s sexual health. So, how do we increase our production of nitric oxide, a molecule our body so desperately needs?




Nitric oxide production can be increased three ways. The first and most common method is through exercise. As we age, our blood vessels and nitric oxide system become less efficient due to free radical damage, inactivity, and poor diet, causing our veins and arteries to deteriorate. As we run, swim, lift weights, and perform other physical activities, our heart pumps with more pressure to provide the muscles with oxygen (which is supplied by blood). When this happens, the lining in our arteries releases nitric oxide into the blood, relaxing and widening the vessel wall, allowing for more blood to pass through. Additionally, increasing nitric oxide has become incredibly important for athletes and body builders.



Another mean of increasing nitric oxide is through a proper diet. As we age, become less and less active, and begin to eat less and less healthy foods, the lack of nitric oxide in our system takes away from our overall energy, vitality, and wellness. Nitric oxide can be increased in your body through the consumption of amino acids L-Arginine and L-Citrulline. These amino acids are heavily found in nuts, fruits, meats, and dairies, resulting in a direct increase in nitric oxide. Both L-Arginine and L-Citrulline require enzymes to convert them into usable nitric oxide, which can be protected by eating healthy foods and antioxidants, including fruit, garlic, soy, CoQ10, and vitamins C and E. Since nitric oxide only lasts a short while in the body, the more antioxidant protection we provide, the more stable it will be and the longer it will last.


The last and most effective way to support your body’s nitric oxide production is through supplementation. Eniva Vascular Advantage is a unique L-arginine and L-Citrulline product that provides your body with the nutrients to support the normal functioning of the numerous pathways in your body. Moreover, Eniva Vascular Advantage contains Vitamin C and an adjuvant amino acid blend, A4 complex, to provide additional pathway and nutrient support. This is an incredible product that will leave you feeling stronger, livelier, and healthier.


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