Happy 20th birthday to our Eniva Family!

For the past two decades, Eniva has continued to grow and innovate a total-body collection of health and wellness products, dedicated to vibrant living. We’re proud to develop and manufacture our products right here in Minnesota. There’s a peace of mind knowing that you’ve put your trust in a company recognized  for leading research, design and manufacture through and through for your family’s best wellness outcomes.

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Since day one, the Eniva company leaders, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Baechler and Vice Chairman/Chief Medical Officer Dr. Benjamin Baechler have been at the helm of Eniva Health, guiding our philosophy of wellness and wellbeing throughout these 20 years. (Read the company start-up story about Andrew and Dr. Ben)

Eniva’s focus on liquid nutritional supplements and commitment to quality has always set us apart from supplements found in pill and tablet form. Better absorption and products friendly to those with trouble swallowing pills is what we’ve perfected with an impressive lineup of advanced liquid nutritional supplements.

The Eniva dedicated team of wellness experts control the entire process from design to delivery right at our manufacturing facility in Plymouth, MN. Pharmaceutical grade ingredients, techniques and standards are a given. Quality is a must. The team here is committed to producing the highest quality natural, innovative products that enable people to experience greater wellbeing. Rigorous research, sourcing and testing of raw materials through to finished product release protocols ensure that what we utilize from nature is delivered to you clean, pure and full of goodness (no fillers, no binders, no artificials). (Read about NSF Certified Quality > click here.)


These life-changing nutritionals produce outcomes that continue to impact the daily lives of the Eniva Family and friends across the globe.* (Read Eniva Wellness Stories > click here.) Over the years, we’ve expanded the extensive line of nutritional supplements to include beauty products, cooking and salad oil, as well as products specially designed for pets.

We’ve achieved breakthroughs, accomplished goals, and led exciting innovations in research/development in the health industry over the past 20 years – thanks to our amazing, loyal and valued teammates, partners and customers. We thank you so very much for the support of the previous two decades, and we look forward to having you be involved in future success stories of the Eniva wellness journey for many years to come!

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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Any research referred to in this article is not meant to be interpreted as research results involving specific Eniva products.

At Eniva, we believe each human body was designed to be healthy. It was designed to be energetic, lean, agile, and resilient towards healing. You were created to live an abundant, healthy and vibrant life. Eniva is proud to create and manufacture pure liquid nutraceuticals with no artificial preservatives. Our liquid supplements are natural solutions to help you feel and look your best.