The Sleep Cycle – How Good is Your Rest?

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Sleep is absolutely critical for wellness. Your body actually does its “repair work” while you snooze. Without proper sleep, your body is missing the time it needs to help it regenerate and restore. It’s also important to know that connections are formed in the brain while you sleep. Those new connections actually help you process and remember new information (which is why it’s so important for students or people in training to get adequate sleep.)

Donut 4.jpgA lack of sleep can negatively affect your body’s release of  insulin, as well as blood pressure, and recent research is showing some people’s blood sugar levels are affected by insufficient sleep. Not enough slumber can also cause the signals to misfire that tell you when you are full, making it likely that you will overindulge even when you’ve eaten plenty of food.Stoss Turn.jpgDo you ever feel “off your game” after a night of tossing and turning? That’s because poor sleep can cause your reaction time to be slower, your mental focus to be less sharp and your overall creativity to wane. If you are not getting enough sleep, or if your sleep is poor, your body will not function as it should.Sleep Cycle 4 Clocks Horiz.jpgCheck out the Eniva Health lineup of nutritional products developed to help naturally prepare the body for slumber and support the body throughout the entire normal sleep cycle.*
Natural Sleep Liquid Formulas provide a natural sleep aid that provides a safe, natural and effective formula for healthy sleep.* A natural, all liquid formula helps you move into a state of relaxation as you prepare to retire for the night. It then helps you easily fall asleep and continues to work throughout the night. It supports your body in achieving deep and restorative rest, but won’t leave you feeling groggy when you wake up.

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