Greetings and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

One of my favorite topics to chat about is the health benefits of the super nutrient chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the green pigment that gives plants their color. It’s also a natural powerhouse because chlorophyll is the substance responsible for the process of photosynthesis – turning sunlight into cellular energy inside a plant. This is one of the most amazing and wondrous scientific reactions in all of science. Because of this, chlorophyll is often called the “life blood” of plants.

Chlorophyll (as “chlorophyllin”) has beneficial properties for human health, too. Chlorophyllin is a super nutrient that is a powerful antioxidant, promotes healthy cellular replication, supports detoxification through Phase II liver enzyme support*, body deodorization*, and has newer interest regarding its use for skin health (which may be related to its collagen supporting property of naturally containing copper*). It’s also a natural energizer and can be used for making healthy and tasty refreshments for an energetic boost.*

Chlorophyllins also contain copper, which is an essential trace mineral your body does not make yet needs for optimal health (that’s why it’s deemed “scientifically essential”).* Copper supports collagen production, healthy red blood cells, immune pathways, iron metabolism, cholesterol levels in the normal range, and even neurotransmitter synthesis.* However as a trace mineral, it’s important to keep copper levels in balance and not to overdo it. Of note, people who have Celiac Disease or individuals who take high doses of zinc may be more likely to have a deficiency in copper (high zinc dosing can interfere with copper absorption).

I hope you have found this information helpful, and I wish you success on your health journey.

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How Eniva Employees are spending St. Patrick’s day and an inside look at their favorite products!

With St. Patricks day right around the corner, we wanted to share how we are celebrating! It can be more difficult to think of ways to enjoy smaller holidays, but no worries, we’re for you!

Chela S. – Production Operator
“I work at the Eniva Home Office on the Production Floor. We start early each day to get Eniva products running through our production lines. We have many quality controls, so I’m proud to see the process from start to finished materials. In terms of my favorite Eniva product, I like to fill up my water bottle with ice and put in some Chlorophyll+ and water. I look forward to the cool minty drink when I go on break. – This St. Patrick’s Day, I’m planning on taking it easy. Maybe I’ll make make some cookies (I like to bake) and put some green icing on them. I could try some Chlorophyll in the icing and see what happens… :)”

Our Tip! Keep it simple! So many Eniva Products taste great just by adding water.

Carissa B. – Marketing Specialist
“I teach yoga & group fitness classes and need lots of energy! I will probably kick off my St. Patrick’s Day with VIBE Collagen which has been helping my body stay physically and mentally healthy. – I’ve actually noticed a difference in how often my body cracks. I made a themed St. Patrick’s Day playlist for my group fitness class, ordered temporary tattoos and glowsticks… just something different and fun!”

Our Tip! Try to find a fun group fitness class and supplement with your favorite Eniva products before and after!

Mark V. – Eniva Wellness Store Manager
“I like to make healthy hour drinks for our Eniva Store customers and Eniva teammates. Here are a couple of my favorites:
Hot Apple Pie: 1/3 Apple VIBE / 1/3 Apple Cider / Splash of Ginger and 1/3 hot water in 5 oz cup. It’s so easy, and it puts a smile on everyone’s face.
Tootsie Roll: 1/4 oz ResVante, 1/4 oz VIBE Fusion 2 to 4 oz  cold water in 5 oz cup.  – The cocoa from VIBE Fusion gives it a smooth chocolate taste, and the grape/wine from ResVante gives it extra rich flavor. – This drink really helps you finish out the day strong with extra focus and energy.
New Drink … SWEET C:  1/4 oz VIBE Collagen / Splash of Ultrashot and 2 to 4 oz Sweet Tea / ¼ cup cold water.  Mix all ingredients well. Very tasty and refreshing!

For St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll be getting outside on a long walk with our black labs, Wilma and Kota. We’ll see if we can get in some green beers (spiked with Chlorophyll) with my wife, too.”

Our Tip! Whip up some fun concoctions with your favorite Eniva products and enjoy them outside while soaking in the fresh Spring Air.

Ann B. – Marketing Director
“There’s always a lot going on with Eniva initiatives. I depend on my morning smoothie to get me set for a full day.” Ann’s Smoothie recipe: 1 cup of frozen fruit (usually mixed blueberries and strawberries) / 1 ounce VIBE Fusion (my favorite!) / 2 scoops Eniva Protein / 1 scoop L-Glutamine / 3 ice cubes / water. “I also add 1 ounce Super Bs when I know it’s going to be a “super hustle” day. This St. Paddy’s Day, I am going get in some Pickleball! Then, it’s kick back time with my husband and close friends. I think I’ll get the Chlorophyll out and make some fun green mocktails.”

Our Tip! Plan ahead for days when you know it’s going to be busy. Have different routines and products set aside for different days!

Remember that we are  L U C K Y  to be able to nourish and move our bodies.

Have a Wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Any research referred to in this article is not meant to be interpreted as research results involving specific Eniva products.

At Eniva, we believe each human body was designed to be healthy. It was designed to be energetic, lean, agile, and resilient towards healing. You were created to live an abundant, healthy and vibrant life. Eniva is proud to create and manufacture pure liquid nutraceuticals with no artificial preservatives. Our liquid supplements are natural solutions to help you feel and look your best.