Health Benefits of Having a PetHow Pets Can Make You Healthier

Pet owners may read this and say “duh!”, but having a pet can have a great impact on your health. We’re talking about more than just the unconditional love a pet can give you. There are some serious health benefits that pet owners enjoy – compared to people without pets.

The Centers for Disease Control finds that pets can decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels and improve your mood.  Pets can increase your chance of exercising and spending time outdoors – especially if you own a dog. You’ll need to walk your pet, go for a run with your dog or just take them to a park to relax and socialize.

Spending time with a pet can have a great impact on your blood pressure. One study found pet owners had lower blood pressure and heart rates compared to people who didn’t own a pet. Plus, researchers have shown that children can lower their blood pressure while petting their dog!

If you or someone you know is dealing with depression, owning a pet can really help a person’s mood. Therapists have long prescribed pets as ways to recover from depression. Pets offer unconditional love, will listen as long as you are willing to talk, and taking care of a pet can provide a great purpose to someone dealing with despair.

Still need convincing? This is a great slideshow on the benefits of having pets from WebMD.

With all your pet can do to help your health – you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your pet healthy, too! Check out these tips to keep your pet healthy!

• Keep your pet at a healthy weight.
• Exercise your pet.
• Feed your pet a balanced, nutritious diet.
• Have your veterinarian examine your pet at least once a year to make sure your pet is healthy and to help detect problems earlier.
• Vaccinate your pet against potentially deadly diseases such as distemper, parvo, panleukopenia and rabies.
• Keep your pet free of parasites (fleas, ticks, heartworm, etc.) – consult your veterinarian for the best product for your pet.
•Spay/neuter your pet.

Part of feeding your pet a balanced, nutritious diet is making sure they get Omega-3s. Just like you need to get enough of those important Omega-3 fatty acids – your animal companion does too! Our Animal Omega-3 Complete is a specialized natural liquid nutritional supplement that does everything from promote a healthy coat, skin and joints to enhancing mental focus and scenting; even a better temperament!* It can even help stop excessive shedding, and for most pets will promote good vision – something owners of hunting dogs appreciate!*

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We love pets – and we hope you do too! What do you love most about having a pet? We’d love to read your comments!

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