Combat Dry and Sensitive Winter Skin

Today is the day we bring awareness to Winter skin. You may notice a change in you skin during the cooler months. It can become increasingly dry, scaly, cracked or sensitive. Exposure to dry air is often the culprit. Moisture escapes our skin faster. We often think of the cold air outside affecting us, but even the use of heat indoors can cause air to dry out. It is important to reduce the amount of time you are exposed to dry air if possible. Keep your skin moisturized and always use products that leave out toxic ingredients.

There are also different skin conditions that can get worse when colder weather strikes. Understanding your skin can help you make choices that keep it healthy for many years.

Determine if you have a skin condition or just dry skin 

It can be easy to say we only have dry skin, but there are also skin conditions that can be diagnosed. It is important to consult your doctor and always use non-toxic products in the meantime. Toxic chemicals can increase the chance of flare-ups and have lasting negative effects on the body.

Types of Common Skin Conditions

Eczema: Patches of skin that become inflammed and often itchy. It is often referred to as a general rash. Triggers: Certain soaps, lotions and detergents, stress.

Keratosis Pilaris: Categorized by dry bumpy patches of skin usually on the legs or arms but can appear on the cheeks, rear or thighs. It is a build-up of the skin protein, keratin. Triggers: dry weather, imbalance of hormones.

Psoriasis: A scaly rash that develops when skin cells multiply too quickly as a result of an overactive immune system. Triggers: stress, infection, injury to the skin, cold & dry weather.

Rosasea: Inflammation that causes reddened skin. Typically is seen on the cheeks and other areas of the face. Triggers: sun & wind, hot & cold temperatures, spicy foods, alcohol.

Tips for when you Notice Dry Winter Skin

Understand that you may need to adjust your skincare routine. What works in the summer may not be what your skin needs in the winter.

Stay bundled up to keep moisture in.

Drink water. Water hydrates your skin, too!

Wear sunscreen in the winter. Your skin is still susceptible to sun damage, and sunburn is one way to really dry out your skin.

Exfoliate & moisturize using non-toxic products you know and trust!

Be cautious of what you are putting into your body. Healthy fats and oils are great for glowing skin! Think about adding an Omega-3 supplement.

Dry Skin Relief*
Rejuvenate Therapy Cream

• Perfect for those ultra-dry trouble areas

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Replenish Hydrating Lotion

• Great for everyday moisture – Excellent for young children, or those with sensitive skin

• Moisture-rich botanicals and oils quickly absorb, hydrating and softening the skin*

• Non-greasy and completely natural – with Bamboo, Hemp Oil, Jasmine, Aloe Vera, Oatmeal, Shea Butter, Green Tea, Coconut Oil & Safflower Oil

Moisturizing Renew Lip Nutrition

• Delivers on moisture, protection, healthy aging and cellular health* 

• With Almond, Sunflower, Avocado, Safflower and Spearmint oils, Green Tea extract, L-lysine, and Vitamin E. Light natural spearmint flavor. 

• At a minimum, apply nightly. Use throughout the day for nourished and radiant lips

• Rest assured, there are absolutely NO questionable chemicals in any of Eniva’s skincare products. All are free from MEA, TEA and DEA, glycols, aluminum, SLS, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, dyes & artificial fragrances.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Any research referred to in this article is not meant to be interpreted as research results involving specific Eniva products.

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