Whether you participate or not… let’s talk body and facial hair

Trends that Take Off

Over the years, #noshavenovember has gained lots of attention. Why November? Why no shaving? Maybe it’s because it’s getting colder outside; maybe it’s just time for a changeup. You may have seen, too, different sports teams’ players and fans taking part in this trend in a slightly different fashion during a season. Whatever the reason for growing out hair, we can all agree good hygiene is essential and healthy shiny hair is the goal. It also gives us a chance to chat about hair and skin care.

Layers of the Skin

Hair is made up of keratin, a fibrous protein. As you can see, the hair root starts deep in the dermis. If you have plucked a hair with a tweezer, you may have noticed a white bulb at the end of the hair. This is a protein bulb at the end of the hair that was closest to the root, not the root itself. Hair will grow back as new cells in the hair bulb form. The cells connect and harden to create the strand, and it keeps growing as new cells attach at the bottom and push the strand up out of the skin.

Hair growth can slow down when hair falls out and new cells do not generate as fast or go into the “resting phase.” When this happens often and fast, people can experience noticeable hair loss or balding. Our hair color changes to gray or white as hair follicles produce less pigment. It does not change color, just produces less of it. Most gray hairs are not related to stress. Genetics play a huge role in determining when a person will start to see gray hair as well as where a person loses hair first.

Hair needs to be properly cleaned and taken care of daily. Everyone’s routines will look different because everyone has different hair textures and moisture levels. Hair can protect us from the sun, dust and pollen. It acts as a filter in some ways. This is demonstrated with nose hairs. The hairs in the nose “catch” bacteria that would make us sick or cause an allergic reaction if not filtered out.

Fun Hair Facts

1. Hair grows everywhere on the human body except the lips, palms of your hands and soles of your feet.

2. Sea Otters are the hairiest animal with anywhere from 170,000 to 1,000,000 hairs per square inch in just their underfur. They have 3 types of hair. In contrast, humans have roughly 100,000 hairs on our entire head.

3. Healthy hair will live on the scalp anywhere from 2 to 6 years, and on average, hair grows 1.25 centimeters per month. Obviously, though, all the strands on your head shed and begin growing again at different times.

4. Shades ranging from very dark brown to jet black black are the most common natural hair colors in the world.

5. No new hair follicles develop in childhood years or as you age.

6. Hair tends to grow slower in colder climates and months while the opposite happens when it is warmer.

7. The World Record for the longest beard stands at 17.5 feet.

8. A man will spend roughly 1,100 hours of their lifetime shaving as compared to women spending 1,750 hours on average. If looking back on your life… would you consider this a waste of time? #noshavenovember

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